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President Obama’s Politics of hope! November 6, 2008

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President elect Barak Obama unequivocally said in his interview with Rachel Madaow few days before the election, “our politics is really not about ideology but about forming of a working majority”. Indeed democratic elections should not be about selling political ideologies but about forming a working majority of people from all walks of life, skin color, intellect, religious persuasion and income. The art lies in selling an ‘idea’, not a leftist idea which may be logically consistent but incomplete or right wing idea which proclaims to be complete however logically inconsistent; but a workable idea, that can stitch together a “working majority” out of a domesticated audience. President Obama did just that!


The question remains whether the working majority model is an efficient mode of social organization for a hard-pressed leader like Obama, who is entrusted to deliver concrete economic results. Indeed a working majority awards Obama the mandate to take huge political steps and his message of hope may also greatly contribute to ward off the cloud that has started to reign over free enterprise in this country. However the mechanics of desirable change in the US still requires strong determination and effort on behalf of government, because the fact remains that most of the systemic deadlock in America is self imposed, by self imposed I mean, imposed by the aggregated interests of TOP1% who own 50 % of the nation. If the American people, 99% of them, are to benefit from the healing power of the democratic process, as they did in this election, they need to keep the spirit of pragmatism burning and avoid ideological traps continually thrown around by the corporate media.


I however find it very difficult to imagine how president Obama can address the nation’s problems with out breaking his fragile coalition. Few months ago, we all know how people reacted to his statements about “guns and religion”. Although this might have earned him a front row seat in New York or California; People really do cling to their guns and religion here in the Midwest. Political leadership is indeed like tightrope-walking and president Obama has indeed shown super human discipline during his campaign. I guess we should continue count on his superhuman qualities to bring back hope to this nation and democracy to Ethiopia and the rest of the world as well!


Living under the thrones of EPRDF’s vampire state! October 31, 2008

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Four years and counting EPRDF’s hoax experiment on May 15 2005 claimed hundreds of lives and brutalized thousands of innocent young dreamers including myself in the hands of the federal police. shattered our hopes and democratic aspirations by crushing our infant civic organizations and left us in political disarray amidst divided opposition blocks. Leaving the aura of millions of innocent Ethiopians brutally exposed to the vampire state predating on the human spirit.

EPRDF is the embodiment of what’s evil in this world. It’s the physical manifestation of an anti intellectual fear mongering ethnic mind camp, welded by the trinity. Melese, Bereket and Sibhat indoctrinating utterly ignorant cadres or rather cowards and blind ethnic loyalists desperately struggling to escape their own freedom. This is the blue print of the neural architecture of an unbelievably dull and inept human energy and information processing network,  EPRDF.

It’s logically and practically impossible for EPRDF to neither uphold nor implement modern day democratic principles quite simply because it’s against its own organizational structure and ideological foundation. EPRDF is indeed a vampire state predating and feeding on the psychic energy of its host, the Ethiopian populace! EPRDF is just a super structure  parasitic vampire state feeding on the creative energy of the people.

I think the spiritual aspect of the war aginst EPRDF Vampire ideology has largely been overlooked!

Senators Russ Feingold and Pat Leahy, who knows may be they .. October 1, 2008

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Those who bear witness to traumatic events of human design are caught in conflict between the victim and the perpetrator. It is indeed morally impossible to remain neutral in this conflict and there can be no bystanders to such conditions. We should however be cognizant of the two important conflicting forces that are in to play, formidably represented by the bystander.

Inertia represents aggregate systemic forces which tend to favor the status quo; which usually tempt the bystander to take the side of the perpetrator; since all what all perpetrators ask is that bystanders do nothing. The status quo is indeed a very powerful force and communities tend to given in for the universal desire to see, hear, and speak no evil. The victim on contrary, asks the bystander to share the burden of pain. The victim demands action, engagement and a great deal of painful remembering, it demands justice conscious evolution. Entropy provides the means for alternative systemic arrangements, if life is to continue on this sordid planet.

Its really encouraging to see western bystander democracies voicing their concern about human rights in Ethiopia; I was very grateful while learning that senators Russ Feingold and Pat Leahy have decided to side with millions of EPRDF victims, these two great systemic agents of the US political establishment, it seems, are for change, willing to battle against aggregated western interests and values, which tend to favor the status quo in Ethiopia and else where around the world. The status-quo indeed is a very powerful force, its protectorates personified by greedy lobbyists and egg head politicians defending and nurturing brutal dictators in hopes of keeping and protecting dysfunctional and environmentally unsustainable corporate economic supply chain.

Evolution being a force of mediation between inertia – those aggregate forces behind the murderous status-quo and entropy- forces that embody uncertain possibilities of change and evolution, its is devoutly to be hoped, evolution of US political system shall bring freedom to my fellow country men and millions around the world.

Denial does not work September 30, 2008

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Since they are too terrible to utter aloud and to painful to reevaluate, ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness. Traumatic experiences however, refuse to be buried under the rags of consciousness and continue to resurface, unless they are properly remembered and truthfully told. Folk wisdom is filled with similar stories about Ghosts who refuse to rest in their graves unless their stories are told. The mind it seems can only be healed through the conscious and courageous pursuit of facing reality and reconciliation.

How are we then to face and transcend from our individual and collective trauma? How are we to gather our strength, to remember and reconstruct what has happened to our hopes and fears? Who did what to whom? When and how? And how does all this affect the life we are living today? Oh Boy! I know these questions are though, but they need to be answered if we are to reclaim sanity and unbiased trauma free judgment. It may be too much to ask for a political system full of ‘Ethnic laggards’ to address this systemic deadlock.

Obviously Trauma begets trauma, and this viscous cycle has been cascading in our culture for long. We have an unbelievable Ethnic government kidnapping, murdering and brutalizing the very people it is sworn to protect, but then again, our leaders 99% of them have been brutalized and tortured for their political opinion by the Derg regime and economically traumatized by abject poverty and material deprivation, by a stagnant medieval cattle driven economy. Ironically, as we speak, Inflation is 19.4% and food prices are up by 28% that’s even from government sources, full of deception and spin. What’s distressing to me is the fact that children are hungry, meaning in essence our future leaders are hungry, its just mind boggling trying to understand how this trauma will play itself out in the future. I suspect though it’s not going to be positive.

Through personal experience of trauma in the hands of the brutal, dictatorial and repressive EPRDF regime, a stagnant culture and economic poverty. I have learned through pain, the griping force behind our individual and cultural evolution, the powerful Traumatic experiences creeping around our political, economic and social system cascading from generation to generation through cultural and environmental conduits; further reinforced by contemporary irrational EPRDF ethnic ideology and environmental degradation. Fortunately, I have been able to battle with this issue for sometime now, dwelling inside western democracies, discharging my anger through scholarship and contemplation, who knows healing may be on the horizon.

Liberation, freedom and consciousness are all out there as potentials to be tapped; fear, denial and clinging to the murderous status quo in search of refuge, refuge from imagined political and or economic danger,  only drive systems to a point of no return. To my knowledge the Derge does not exist, so does the neftegna or even the interhamuye in contemporary Ethiopia. What exist are 80 million creative forces able and willing to engage in making their life better. What exist are numerous possibilities for change and development, for hope and reconciliation!

How are we as one cohesive system, as one nation, to surmount to our contemporary cultural challenge is the one question seemingly impossible, to address with less contention by all of our political parties. The CUD disintegrated in mid air mainly because it was in essence formed out of frustration, anger, indignation, rightfully so I might add. Like its opponent, EPRDF, although it was formed out of trauma, it never the less faltered in the face of a much stronger iron willed psychotic trauma mind camp EPRDF. As the Dutch saying goes “heroism is hanging on for a minute longer”

when computing systems reach a certain thresh hold, they come out of a loop through a break, perhaps the CUD break was the right political break at the wrong time or the wrong break at the right time, either way time is closing on us and we are exhausting the systemic resilience of 2000 years of cultural experience cementing our old, impoverished nation. 


The need for democracy in Ethiopia April 8, 2008

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Ethiopian State system is filled with inept personalities whose contemporary policy dilemma is comparable to not knowing whether earth is round or flat. At the heart of the destruction of the Ethiopian socio-cultural fabric, it is the long-term cultural implication EPRDF may be leaving behind that is worrisome. All voices of reason are squashed either are in prison or seeking refuge else where around the world. The very creative forces that could have redeemed the nation are fleeing leaving, such a wonderful historical country to the dictator and his cronies. Legitimate individual effort is plundered by corruption and the state institutions are used to amass personal wealth by those at close proximity to authority. The election itself can be sited as how EPRDF destroyed legitimate effort and competition in many sectors showing by example that day light robbery is the only means to success. Opportunism seems to be the only means to survive to the majority who are left to fend for themselves amidst the thrones of mafia state and subservient business forces, where in all other institutions of reason, peace and faith such as universities, religious establishments and the like are marginalized by tight surveillance and control by illiterate good for nothing Weyane cadres.

It should be noted that democracy is an ingrained need by complex adaptive human systems to ensure continued evolution and survival. It is not a luxurious enterprise for the rich or unaffordable luxury for the poor. It is a mechanism that allows for global search for an optimal solution to multitude of societal problems through the individual agent; in a way it’s our biological destiny in our obligation to endure as conscious beings. It is indeed unaffordable especially in modern times of great environmental, economic, social and political emergency to disregard the experience, the intelligence and the wish of the individual and to continue to pedal along the lines of collectivist authoritarian State dictatorship.

Ethiopia II April 5, 2008

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It is said certainly not without any justification, that the US and European governments prefer stability over any uncertain experiments with democracy. Here in the US it’s purported that it’s too early for a democratic transition in Ethiopia and that Ethiopians are not yet able to know what is right for them. This response of course is internalized in the whole western political establishment as a kind of knee jerk reaction. Western politicians are so obsessed with control and stability that they are willing to allot any dictator any ‘African country’ like Ethiopia so long as they believe they can use this dictator as a proxy to do their dirty laundry, an incredibly dumb political formula that has constantly failed the US in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the world, where the US foreign policy had disastrous implications even for the US.

It is the very blockade and repression of democratic expression that promotes instability and complete collapse of the societal system, most often irreversibly. Western foreign policy is indeed mired with confusion and for the most part one of the most significant causes for Ethiopia’s problems.

We have all witnessed how almost all so called freedom resistance movements crown an Unrelenting Machiavellian as their guardian who immediately morphs in to uncontrollable psychotic monster as soon as he assumes power. Most of these freedom movements also coalesce to become ideological “mind camps” ready to destroy reason in self defense, from being exposed of their underlying destructive internal fallacies and inconsistencies. The survival of these feeble mind camps necessitates repression of civilized freedom of thought and all other manifestation of reason, both internally with in party platforms and thorough out the nation; and this is how such an offshoot, EPRDF ethnic mind camp, is trying to protect itself. Ironically though, the west is willing to superficially bandage its recurrent economic and political collapse via government aid packages, training programs and through various NGOs doing “grocery delivery” to the helpless and the needy, People who were made weak and helpless by being denied democratic expression, the very freedom and an institutional framework enabling them to control their destiny.

Its clear that a lot needs to be done in convincing the west that its in their best interest to promote democracy in ethiopia and else where around the world!

Ethiopia and the WEST April 3, 2008

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At the heart of Ethiopia’s contemporary political and socio-economic deadlock lies destruction of a social fabric, a social fabric that has over the years remained resilient to numerous internal and external socio-economic and political shock. The war with Eritrea, recurrent drought, poverty, malnutrition, the AIDS pandemic and most importantly the May 2005 election, economic recession and the most recent war with Somalia and the Ogaden were so vivid signals that they were detected even by indifferent Washington’s tentacles and the western media. Despite what goes on inside the country and the looming catastrophe at the background it is the attitude of the international community which is indeed perplexing. What’s incredibly is inept is also Washington’s continued misinterpretation of the resilience of Ethiopia’s social system, attributing this systemic strength as the strength of the ruling party EPRDF, as the strength of the incumbent dictator Meles Zenawi in particular.

science policy interfacing November 25, 2007

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I am gripped by science and policy dynamics and how it can be enhanced and employed to objectively encrypt a just and sustainable social code of conduct. The wide belief that policy decisions can and should be made by ‘elected vegetables’ is repugnant to me. We all can testify how unfounded social philosophies and ideologies devastated and are still devastating the lives of millions around the globe. Emotional distortion of scientifically irrefutable facts is indeed a commonplace for fallible human beings, and it lies at the heart of our problems individual, national or global. Be they presidents, a king, philosophers, persists, parliamentarians or any cultural giants are not immune to cultural conditioning and are hence fallible. scientifically speaking, even though the Policy platform is infested by lumped abstractions and sweeping generalizations these are however computationally surmountable. History abounds with many examples why we cannot and should not continue to relay on conventional societal decision making apparatus.

Scientific methods of data collection and analysis have indeed proved superior and matured exponentially over last century. scientifically collected and engineered data has landed us on the moon. I believe we should also be able to extend this technique to socially gripping topics. So far however power and economic interests plague the policy platform and have proved adept in effectively using science to address their fragmented, narrow and often conflicting interests. Inherent uncertainties in science have also been irresponsibly exploited by the political elite to marginalize its effect on policy. What a reckless exercise at the time like the present where smart-algorithms and nanotechnology furnish us tools that can surmount mighty computational beasts such as policy. Science fanatics project probable trends in automation of decision making including generic government decisions.

Despite being a science enthusiast though I choose not to drown myself in the euphoria of artificial intelligence and what its societal implications maybe, however probable it’s too early to speculate! But for us Ethiopians we shall continue to gallop under Aboy Sibhat, Melese Zenawi and Doctor sheik Mohamed Al amodi.


Chear ensembet!


Evolution June 2, 2007

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I have long been fascinated by the process and the need to interface new scientific findings in to day-to-day thinking. I am of course saying this at the oddest moment in human history where in, majority of men believe that coming down from the tress was a bad idea.

My belief is of course 21st century mainstream scientific paradigm. If however, we are to talk about the process of mankind’s intellectual evolution, we should recognize that it often takes 50 years or more for Nobel price theoretical ideas to become incorporated into the thinking of the greater intellectual community. The view point of quantum mechanics, for example, put forward in the late1920s, has still not had its full impact on humanistic thought. The material is that hard to digest. Yet there are few philosophers of science who doubt that. However I for my part, have no doubt that this theory in the long run will exert a deep effect on our views of man and nature and in essence affect our private and public policy. But for the time being saving the world shall be “a white man’s burden!”

I suppose 50 years knowledge conductance value is totally unacceptable, when much of humanity is in disarray and despair. I think somebody should do something about it, may be even tell it to the white man!

Albert Einstein unequivocally said it, “The whole of science is nothing but the refinement of every-day thinking.” Science should in effect refine our thinking, confront our beliefs, give us a clearer view and in essence uplift us from our intellectual ponds. Amen!


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Leopold II, king of the Belgians and monster par excellence, rivals Hitler and Stalin in the scale of villainy 10 million deaths, scorched African earth, and slavery. But Leopold carefully concealed his rape of the Congo by wearing the mask of altruism.

In 1890, when John Dunlop’s invention of the inflatable bicycle tire launched a worldwide rubber boom, Leopold found himself ruling one of the greatest stretches of wild rubber in the world. He immediately began to cash in, implementing a brutal system of forced labor to bring harvested rubber to Europe. Troops would enter a village, round up women and children and hold them hostage until the men brought back a quota of rubber. Torture, rape, murder, and widespread death from rubber harvesting halved the Congo’s population within two decades while bringing Leopold a fortune of more than $1 billion (in today’s terms).

These should be considered as the first major international atrocity scandal in the age of the telegraph and camera. In its mixture of bloodshed on industrial scale, royalty, sex, the power of celebrity, and the rival lobbying and media campaigns raging in half a dozen countries on both sides of the Atlantic, it seems strikingly close to our time. Furthermore, unlike many other predators of history from Genghis Khan to the Spanish conquistadors, king Leopold II of Belgium never saw a drop of blood spilled in anger. He never set foot in Congo. There is something modern about that too, as there is about the bomber pilot in the stratosphere, above the clouds, who never hears screams and sees shattered homes or torn flesh.

King Leopold’s Ghost, a story of greed, terror and heroism in colonial Africa by Adam Hochschild. A must read book for any African who wishes to have a vivid perception of colonialism.